Stratus 4 In 1 Kit Review By Vape Dr.

The Stratus 4 in 1 vaporizer is exactly that including 4 attachments with one 510 EGO battery. Its about time we have a portable pen that vapes more than just E-liquid.

Stratus Unboxing

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The Status 4 in 1 comes with the following:
1x 510 EGO style 900mAh battery with a battery life display and a puff counter
1x USB charger
1x USB wall adapter
1x wax globe attachment
1x wax pen attachment
1x herb attachment
3x ceramic screens
2x mouth piece tips
2x attachments for the battery
1x E-liquid attachment
1x cleaning brush
1x tamper/dabber tool
1x users manual

With a price of around $80 you definitely get a lot with the 4 in 1 kit. I really like the LCD display on the battery, and the puff counter is pretty cool. If you are just getting into vaporizing I could definitely see this being a good starting point for all materials without breaking the bank.

I personally am not a huge fan of “kits” with attachments. While you get versatility, the quality usually suffers. I prefer dedicated devices where attention is put toward specific feature or function.

Stratus 4 In 1 Kit Video

The wax globe is one of my favorite ways to enjoy oil. This is not the case with the Stratus 4 in 1 Kit. The globe attachment coil heats up very quickly, but is a silicon wick/coil as opposed to a ceramic rod. I am a self proclaimed taste snob, this being said I feel that the silicon wick/coil negatively affects the vapor flavor. Also I feel the oil globe is way too restrictive and has no holes to allow incoming air to pass through resulting in vapor getting trapped inside the globe. Overall The Stratus globe and oil attachments usually do a great job, but this one however does not perform well at all.

The E-liquid attachent is on par with most other E-liquid pens and does as agood a job as any.

The dry herb attachment is where it completely goes wrong. The Stratus comes with 3 ceramic screens to prevent the herbs from touching the heating element. The heating element is a coil similar to a car cigarette lighter. Which reminds me of the Atmos raw that does not vaporize materials, it combusts.

Atmos tried to prevent herbs from combusting in the Raw by adding a glass or ceramic screen which did nothing to fix the combustion issue. So same problem with the Stratus dried herb attachment. I would consider it to be more like an electric pipe than a vaporizer. The taste is, well bad in my opinion because it combusts the herb.

Stratus Parts

For most people just getting into vaporizing, this may not be as big of an issue as it is to me. It is the first step towards vaporizing, and anyone new shouldnt be bothered as much by the taste since that’s typically what they are used to. However if material is combusting it is not vaporizing and cannot be considered a true “vaporizer” for dry herb.

As I said, I am not a fan of do everything “kits” but the Stratus is a decent quality unit at very least.
The only single device I have found that does dry herb and oil almost equally in the same unit is the HAZE vaporizer, but then you jump up to the $250 range which might be a bit much for most.

If you are low on funds and want to get a bit of everything at a lesser cost, I guess the Stratus would/could be a good starting point. However in my opinion if you want a dry herb vaporizer, get a dry herb vaporizer. If you want an oil vaporizer, get a oil only vaporizer.

There are many great choices of oil and herb only vaporizers out there at very reasonable prices.
My personal opinion is to save up your money and get a good unit for what you need. If you invest in a “kit” you will soon find out that you could have applied that $80 towards a much better vaporizer.

Dedicated units are much more expensive, but you usually get what you pay for, in this case it’s purity.

My final thoughts on the Stratus 4 in 1 kit…
You get a kit, you can do everything but the experience is no where near what it could be. This is why I never recommend all in one kits to anyone.

Keep in mind, you still have to carry around a pocket full of attachments if you go this route as well. This tends to be much more trouble than its worth.

Stratus Vaporizer

The Stratus is a great quality kit, but I do not recommend kits to anyone because they end up being more of a hassle than anything, and you are not even vaporizing your herbs, you are smoking it with an electric pipe.

The wax attachments are a different design and could work much better, but the taste suffers. If you are spending your money on wax/oil you more than likely want to taste the purity of it.

The wax/oil attachments work well, but there are way better oil vaporizers such as the Persei, or Omicron.

I don’t use E-liquid so that attachment is useless to me and my rating reflects this, keep this in mind as well.

I would rate the Stratus 4 in 1 kit a 2.5 out of 5 stars personally because of the lack of being able to vaporizer your herb without combustion, and the taste of the oil does not taste as refined as other style coils.

I find the battery to be the nicest part of the Stratus 4 in 1 kit.

Please remember these are my personal opinions. My reviews are to help you find the best vaporizer or unit that suits your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

Vape Dr.

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