The Atmos Orbit Review By Vape Dr.

The Atmos Orbit is yet another pen style vaporizer from Atmos. Atmos has been flooding the market with pen style vaporizers for some time now. The main difference I can see in the Orbit is the size, it is rather large compared to the BOSS and RAW. Lets take a closer look at the Orbit and see how it stacks up against the other Atmos 1 temperature vaporizers.

unbox pic

Included with the Orbit:
1x battery
1x chamber
1x charger
1x tamp tool
1x brush
1x manual

The Atmos Orbit is like most other pen vaporizers, 5 clicks turns the unit on and holding the button starts to heat the chamber.
The Orbit breaks down into 4 pieces.
The battery
The chamber connector
The ceramic filter
The mouthpiece

Charging your Orbit. Plug the supplied charger into the side of the unit under the rubber plug.
The Orbit button will be red when charging, green when charging is complete. The Orbit takes 30 seconds to reach temperature and has a 4:30 auto shut off. Just like most Atmos products the auto shut off turns the heating chamber off but the unit itself is still on. You need to click the button 5 times to turn the Orbit off.

One nice thing about the Orbit is that it is a pass through device, meaning the Orbit can be used while charged as long as there is at least 30% battery life remaining.

The Orbits light will remain red while charging then green when fully charged. The Orbit uses (2) 900 mAh batteries in series running at 7.4 volts. When you turn the Orbit on, an LED light comes on in the chamber. The chamber of the Orbit is made of ceramic and the light shines through the chamber wall.

The Orbit is a one temperature vaporizer pen which seems to be around 195C or 383F.
The Orbit feels well made, feels very solid and good in your hand.
So lets get down to business and see how the Orbit performs.

The chamber is generous and can hold a fair amount of material. One thing I noticed when doing burn offs was the Orbits chamber gets very hot to touch on the outside of the unit. There is however a warning label sticker on the side that warns you of this.
The Orbit does have quite a bit of draw restriction when you take a “blank” draw with the unit off, and unlike the BOSS or RAW, the Orbit does not have fresh air intake holes on the sides.

So this leads me to me latest discovery. I wanted the silver strip that says “Atmos Orbit” to line up with the button, not the charging port. This is where it all went bad.

I grabbed each end of the Orbit and wiggled it until the chamber and battery started to separate. Here you can see them starting to separate, then come apart.

Separating Chamber and Battery

After getting the unit separated I noticed the reason for the restrictive draw was also a health hazard. The Orbit sucks air from the battery chamber and through the electronics. I got a flashlight and was able to see right through the the bottom of the chamber.


This is unacceptable. I do know that all Atmos products are now made by SMISS and are rebranded Flowermate products.
Some flowermate products are actually very impressive, however this one is not.

The Orbit is also known as the Vapormax3. So please be careful.

You always want fresh air introduced. You never want the air from your battery to come from the battery compartment let alone pass through the electronics. This is very unsafe and I do not recommend any vaporizer that is of this design.

Imagine what a crusty bad battery looks like.
Now imagine inhaling air from that battery.
Of course this is worst case scenario but you are still inhaling toxic fumes regardless. Whether the battery is good or bad you do not want to be inhaling the fumes from the battery.

All batteries eventually go bad.

Because I could not do a review because I value my health I absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS VAPORIZER.
We vaporize because it is a healthier alternative to combusting.

I rate the Atmos Orbit 0 out of 5 stars. IMO they should not sell this unit knowing it is unsafe and unhealthy.

Please remember these are all my personal opinions. My goal is to help you not only to find the vaporizer that best suits your needs, but also to make sure its a healthy decision you make.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

Vape Dr.