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Minivap Review

Minivap Review

Minivap by Hermes Medical The Minivap vaporizer is a wonderful made by Hermes Medical in Spain. Although being a portable vaporizer, it is quite large making it more …

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mivape vaporizer reviews

MiVape Vaporizer Review

The mivape vaporizer is made by vaporfection. Vaporfection is the company that brought us the desktop vaporizer the vivape. The mivape is vaporfections new and …

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haze vaporizer

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Haze V3 Review – First Dual Chamber Portable Vaporizer The HAZE portable vaporizer has been a unique stand out vape from its introduction. It is …

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FireFly Portable Convection

FireFly Portable Convection Vaporizer Review

The FireFly is a portable convection vaporizer and weighs in a bit heavy at 280 grams but feels very solid and well built. The air …

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flowermate v5 pro vaporizer review

Flowermate v5 Pro Review

Flowermate V5 Pro Vaporizer Review The newest vaporizer in the flowermate line up is the V5.0 Pro. The V5.0 PRO is a fully adjustable temperature …

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HipVap Prtable Vaporizer Review

HipVap Portable Vaporizer Review

HipVap Portable Vaporizer The new HipVap vaporizer is a very small digital portable vaporizer. The HipVap has 2 batteries, a stainless steel air path. The …

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Alfa Portable Vaporizer Review

Alfa Portable Vaporizer Review

Alfa Portable Vaporizer The new Alfa by Goboof, (made in Ireland) is a great new contender in the portable conduction vaporizer market. The Alfa is …

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best 2015 vaporizer

Best Vaporizers of 2015

Guide to Best Vaporizers 2015 Our best vaporizer reviews and best vaporizer 2015 ranking have been carefully researched and written by our expert team. Below …

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