Alfa Portable Vaporizer Review

Alfa Portable Vaporizer Review

Alfa Portable Vaporizer

The new Alfa by Goboof, (made in Ireland) is a great new contender in the portable conduction vaporizer market. The Alfa is very small, powerful, simple to use, and has excellent battery life with a 10 minute auto shut off feature to further conserve battery life. These are indeed the makings of a great portable vaporizer that are worth looking at.

The Alfa has 5 functions, 3 temperatures and two auto modes that are activated by a rotary dial:

LO 190C – 374F
MID 210C 410F
HI 220C – 428F
A/P Automaic heat by puff
A/T Automatic heat by time

Although these temperatures seem rather high, the Alfa has a great draw and airflow so the temps are a bit more pleasant than you would think.The heating chamber in the Alfa has a center pin much like the Iolite vaporizers to evenly heat the entire chamber. This works very well and eliminates the need stir.

Lets see what all comes with the Alfa:

1x Alfa vaporizer
1x extra silicone mouth piece
3x extra chamber screens
1x USB cord with a barrel plug
1x wall adapter
3x pipe cleaners
2x toothpicks
1x user manual

The Alfa is very small at 3 1/2″ tall, 1 7/8′ wide, and 3/4′ thick. When charging the Alfa the indicator light by the rotary dial will be red. While reaching the set temperature the Alfa will flash green, then turn solid green when up to temperature

The Alfa weighs in at 105 grams empty with the mouthpiece on. It is very ergonomic and feels extremely sturdy and well built.
The chamber is on the bottom of the Alfa with a secure latch.

Under the lid is a stainless steel “button” with air flow holes. You can see the center pin in the oven which by looking at it comes very close to or touches the chamber lid.

Once you pack your chamber you choose either 1 of 3 temps, or 1 of 2 auto modes. The Alfa has a 10 minute auto shutoff so the A/T function will increase the temperature of the chamber until the shut off. These temperatures are operated by a simple rotary dial.

The silicone mouth piece comes right off to expose the air path hole to the chamber.

As I stated, the Alfa has high temperatures but are surprisingly cooler than I thought they would be. I do like the A/P or auto puff feature a lot. On this mode the temperature starts on low and increases a few degrees after each puff is taken. This is a very convenient function for sessions, you can set it on auto and vape away.The auto temperature feature is similar. On A/T the Alfa will start on low and increase to high by the ten minute shut off.

The Alfa has many great thing going for it.

What I like about the Alfa:

I like the size, even with the mouth piece the Alfa is very small.
The Alfa feels very nice and sturdy, it feels good to hold or pass around.
The rotary dial makes it easy for colorblind or blind people to operate.
The auto features make using the Alfa hassle free.
The battery life is very good on the Alfa
The unit also charges up rather quickly.
The chamber is the perfect size and evenly heated, ABV is uniform.
The Alfa is not ridiculously overpriced, it runs around $199, probably less if you look around.

What I don’t like about the Alfa:

First, although I do like the rotary dial, it has turned the Alfa on in my pocket on many occasions.
I don’t like barrel plug chargers, micro USB’s should be standard. Everyone has a bunch of them!
If you don’t keep your herb in a vial or a doob tube, loading the chamber can be cumbersome.
If you go through A/T by 10 minutes the unit gets very warm, but this is to be expected after 10 minutes.

The Alfa is a nice sturdy conduction vaporizer. With the oven away from the mouth piece, the draws are much cooler. The Alfa is one of the more truly portable vaporizers, and the auto functions are great.

I would like to see some lower temperatures. A safety on the dial would be piece of mind, in my pocket at least. I wish the Alfa vibrated when it reaches temperature. Sometimes it’s hard to see the little light if your outside. I like the fact they keep the Alfa simple, but a battery life meter would be great. Even if its like the PAX and you shake it and the little LED could flash 4 times indicating 100% and go in 25% increments.

Other than that, the Alfa is a great vaporizer and I would recommend it for sure. Especially if you are more of a high temp vaporizer.
I would rate the Alfa 4.3 out of 5 stars. Same as the Flowermate mini. they are sooo close in size and temps, but they each have their little advantages. The mini has a cooler draw, micro USB charging, and can be used as a power bank. The Alfa has a much simpler design with the great auto features, simple to clean design, uniform heat throughout the oven, and works very well at high temps.

This may seem like a low rating, but bear in mind no vaporizer will ever get a 5 out of 5 rating.
I rate vaporizers with room for new improved units. If I give a vaporizer a 5 out of 5 rating and they come out the next year with something that blows their old unit out of the water I can’t give it a higher rating. I feel this way people won’t get confused if they were to see the same vape, 2 different versions both 5 stars they will more than likely opt for the cheaper unit because they got the same rating.

I felt compelled to let people know how I rate the vapes and why none have got a 5 star rating. So far my highest rating is a 4.7 out of 5 which leaves room for improvement.

Please remember these are my own personal opinions. The purpose of my reviews are to get as much information about any vaporizer to you so you can decide which vape is right for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my Alfa vaporizer review.

Vape Dr.

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