atmos vaporizer review

Atmos Astra Vaporizer

Atmos Astra Vaporizer Review

The Atmos Astra boasts 5 temperature settings and a user replaceable battery. It is a pen style conduction vaporizer that is supposed to be compatible with wax and oils. The Astra has an all metal casing, as well as a micro USB charging port on the side. Lets see what you get with the Astra.

Atmos Astra Vaporizer Unboxing

Included with the Astra:
1x Astra vaporizer unit
1x 18650 battery
1x USB charger
1x micro USB cord
1x tweezers
1x wax/oil can
1x extra chamber screen
1x extra mouth piece screen
1x brush
1x tamp/dab tool
1x user manual

Atmos recommends charging the Astra for 6 hours initially. After the battery is fully charged push the button 5 times fast to turn the Astra on. To cycle through the temperatures you push the power button 3 times quickly to get to the next temperature.

The Astra looks and feels like a much more heavy duty pinnacle or inhalator vaporizer pen and is very simple to use with the one button.
The chamber is ceramic with holes at the bottom.

The mouthpiece has a metal disc with a screen inside. It is extremely restrictive and a safety pin won’t even poke through to clean them. IMO this should be drilled out because there is a screen on the other side.

The Astra comes with a 2000mAh 18650 swappable battery which is nice to see. You can charge the battery in the unit or on your charger. These are the Astra temperatures:

1- 356F red
2- 374F blue
3- 392F green
4- 410F purple
5- 428F white

I find the Astras draw to be way too restrictive. On the first temperature 356F you can get very wispy vapor if you work hard for it. On temp #2 the taste is not impressive, the vapor is less wispy, but the draw restriction sucks.

On temp#3 the vapor production is there if you hit it like it owes you money. I cannot stress enough how much draw restriction the Astra has.
On temp #5 the vapor taste hot and the taste of your herb is gone. It takes a good 10 seconds plus to get vapor on #3 or #4 and you have to really draw hard.
Temp #5 is for wax or oil. Big surprise……it doesn’t work.

An interesting thing I found out about the Astra that can be seen in my video review is if you blow into the chamber, vapor comes pouring out of the button, USB, and temperature light holes. So now we know where the fresh air is coming in. IMO the holes are not large enough, causing draw restriction. The intake holes go through the electronics which is a definite no no.

Atmos Astra Vaporizer Review

It seems more and more the name Atmos is synonymous with re-branded Chinese vaporizers. Although there are 2 Atmos vaporizers I have found, the BOSS and the Transporter which are true safe vaporizers (but still over priced one temp vapes), the rest IMO have been cheap overpriced garbage to be perfectly honest.

I like the feel of the Astra. The body is all aluminum and it has nice weight to it. The replaceable batteries are always nice to have. That is about all I can say good about the Astra.
What I don’t like about the Astra and I can’t stress enough is the draw! The only other vaporizer with more draw resistance I have had was the Atmos Orbit which has no air intake holes and sucks air from the battery compartment. I also don’t feel the Astra needs 5 temperatures. I find 392F was the only temperature that wasn’t a complete pain and still it only had average taste and vapor production. The rubber mouthpiece will come off very easily on you if your putting it in your pocket. The mouth piece is also a pain to get on sometimes. I also found that the only USB cable that will work with the Astra is the one it comes with.

There was nothing about the Astra I can say that warrants a $200 price tag. There is nothing special about the Astra, the 5 temperatures is to grab your interest. I would not recommend the Asta vaporizer for sooo many reasons. I would prefer a Flowermate over the Astra, it tastes better and you will probably keep the Astra at 392F anyway. That was the only use-able temperature IMO.

I would honestly give the Astra 2 out of 5 stars. The draw restriction is absurd and the unit is way over priced. There are so many better options for the price, even less!

Please remember these are my own person opinions. The purpose of my reviews are to let you know the good, the bad, and the ugly about the vaporizer being reviewed, and to try to help you avoid the bad and the ugly ones.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

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