Atmos Transporter Review

Atmos Transporter Review

Atmos Transporter Review

The Transporter is a departure from the traditional pen style offerings you have come to expect from Atmos. Atmos products have been advertised as vaporizers but have had a difficult time living up to it. Having tried the Atmos Raw in the past and having it combust rather than vaporizer, I honestly wasn’t expecting much from the Transporter. Thankfully they partnered with Smiss on this one to make something decent. I was pleasantly surprised in the size, efficiency and performance of the Transporter. This might be good for a first timer who wants something simple and efficient but doesn’t want to break the bank to get it.

For the Transporter Atmos keeps with the theme of their other offerings. It comes in a nice sturdy box with eye catching graphics in a modern design. Inside you will find the Transporter on top and all the accessories underneath.

In the box you will receive:

• The Transporter unit
• Charger
• Cleaning tool
• Packing tool
• Instruction manual
• Rubber mouthpiece
• Mouthpiece cap

This is your basic Atmos offering. The tools work well and fit nicely in the bowl chamber. It would be nice if there was internal storage in the unit for them but sadly there is not. There is also no pouch to carry the unit in which would have been a nice touch.

Now onto the Transporter itself….

The first thing you will notice is that it looks like a flask. This is a HUGE turnoff for me and a lot of people I showed. The only advantage of this form factor is that it is small. The Transporter measures roughly at a height of 3 inches by 2 inches of width and 1 inch of depth.

The weight is mostly from the two 2600mAh batteries which really do last. The unit weighs about 6 ounces and is available in gold, silver and bronze (pictured) color. All of the bronze color is in aluminum while the black part is plastic which does cheapen it a little in my opinion. The bowl is ceramic and I am happy to report it does not burn the herb!

There is only a 30 day warranty on the Transporter which is pretty poor for this price in my opinion.

The Transporter bowl is on the bottom of the device which helps with heat. Simply twist the lower black part 90 degrees and it will reveal a bowl which holds about .1-.2g Loading the small bowl can be a bit of a pain without the right tool and since you can’t lay the unit flat to load. This is just a downer and not a deal breaker since the device is small and easy to hold as seen here.

This device accepts dry herb only. No wax/concentrates. I have used everything from a medium grind to a fine grind and the unit seems to perform well with either. To turn on the unit hit the button five times and to begin warming the bowl you hold the button for three seconds. Heat up time is under a minute to its only temperature which is fixed about 380F.

The draw restriction is medium and the vapor temperature is warm but not hot. Both taste and vapor production are average for a portable unit in my opinion. I have had better and I had worse. I did notice a bit of “robot fart” taste on a dry pull before starting and my first run had a bit of the same taste but it was gone after that. The vaporizer I most closely relate this to is the Flowermate V5. This of course makes sense because the Transporter is actually a re-branded Flowermate V7! Atmos just purchased the rights from Smiss to rebrand it which also explains why it doesn’t perform like a typical Atmos offering! Here are some comparison pictures….

And here is a picture with the mouthpiece exposed. This is the only way you can use the Flowermate but you can use the Transporter with the rubber mouthpiece exposed or through the small hole on the top of the cap. This is a nice feature of the Transporter and an advantage over the Flowermate for stealth purposes.

Cleaning is also simple. Just open up the oven and use the cleaning tool to remove the abv. Once and a while I shove an alcohol prep pad down in the bowl to give it a thorough wipe but the Transporter keeps clean pretty easy.

I have to admit I wasn’t all that excited to be receiving the Atmos Transporter for review. My experience with Atmos was pretty bad and I had associated them more with an e-pipe company rather than a vaporizer company. That said I have been pleasantly surprised with the size, efficiency and performance of the Transporter and it seems it was a good move to team up with Smiss on this one. I feel good in recommending this to those new to vaporizing as a no frills simple to use device.

The only big downfall is the price. The Transporter list price is $165. Yes you can get it for around $120 if you browse the web but even at that price it’s about double what I paid for my Flowermate V5. While it has an advantage of being smaller, I just think the performance is similar so I don’t know how it justifies about double the price. If you could get it for about $80-100 though I think you would be getting yourself nice performing vape at a nice value. At $165 I would be looking at other options.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

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