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Best Vaporizers of 2015

Guide to Best Vaporizers 2015

Our best vaporizer reviews and best vaporizer 2015 ranking have been carefully researched and written by our expert team. Below are the 2 main categories of vaporizers, portable vaporizer & desktop vaporizer. We’ve asked our expert team to present their favorite portable herbal vaporizers (in no particular order) of 2015

Haze Vaporizer

Haze Ranking
I like pretty much everything about the HAZE DUAL V3. The HAZE is by far the most versatile vaporizer on the market. HAZE is definitely revolutionizing the vaporizer industry with not only their ingenuity but also with their pay it forward program and their 10-year warranty. It is apparent, HAZE is here to stay. Read More

Crafty Vaporizer

Crafting Ranking
Released without any hype or not even a word beforehand, the Crafty and Mighty hit the streets with big expectations and big price tags! Each one has its advantages/disadvantages over each other. For this review, we will focus on the Crafty which is the smaller, less expensive one at $400. The Mighty is a whopping $460 which makes either one of these some of the most expensive portables on the market today. Even at $400, is the Crafty worth the price? Read on and I’ll give you my opinion. Read More

Pax 2 Vaporizer

Pax Ranking
A new and improved PAX designed with a smaller battery that provides a 30% longer lifespan. The PAX 2 also has a thicker aluminum shell as well as a new magnetic charging dock. Narrower but deeper oven than the original PAX, PAX 2 claims to use “lip sensing” technology which can tell when you’re taking a draw or just holding the unit, it also comes with 2 different style mouthpiece tips. Read More

Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Ranking
The Mighty as opposed to the Crafty has 2 batteries and an on-screen display as opposed to a phone app. The Mighty’s heater is also around 10 watts more powerful than the Crafty. Lets see how they stack up against each other Read More

Best Desktop Vaporizers 2015


Herbalizer Ranking
The Herbalizer is one of the newest most advanced desktop vaporizers on the market. At $700 in price, it is also one of the most expensive. However, it does have fantastic cutting edge features and improvements over most other desktop units. These features include an almost instant heat up time, can be used with a whip (with or without the fan) or a bag. It also has aromatherapy mode and comes with a supply of peppermint and de-funk liquid. Read More


Vapexhale Ranking
The Vapexhale Cloud EVO, EVO for short is dedicated desktop pure convection vaporizer. The EVO is a much-improved version of the original Vapexhale Cloud which became an instant hit. The EVO has a slight makeover from the original Cloud and the unit itself only weighs 10.8 ounces and has been upgraded with many beneficial features. Read More

Best Cheap Vaporizers 2015


Flowermate Ranking
Flowermate Mini v5.0SA mini version of the Flowermate has proven itself to be a very capable inexpensive vaporizer. Not only does the mini Flowermate have 3 temperature settings Blue: 385F, Purple: 400F, and Red: 415F, the Flowermate mini is also a power bank. This means you can charge your phone, note pad, or even other vaporizers with the new Flowermate mini. While the temperatures may seem on the higher side, the V5.0S mini works incredibly well. The mini also comes with the new glass mouthpiece. Read More

Atmos Transporter

Transporter Ranking
The Transporter is a departure from the traditional pen-style offerings you have come to expect from Atmos. Atmos products have been advertised as vaporizers but have had a difficult time living up to it. Having tried the Atmos Raw in the past and having it combust rather than a vaporizer, I honestly wasn’t expecting much from the Transporter. Thankfully they partnered with Smiss on this one to make something decent. I was pleasantly surprised in the size, efficiency, and performance of the Transporter. This might be good for a first timer who wants something simple and efficient but doesn’t want to break the bank to get it. Read More

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