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Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Haze V3 Review – First Dual Chamber Portable Vaporizer The HAZE portable vaporizer has been a unique stand out vape from its introduction. It is currently one of the best portable vaporizer and certainly the most versatile portable vaporizers in the market. Haze improved the original unit when they came out with the V2.5 and …

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Pax-2 Vaporizer Reviews

Pax-2 Vaporizer Review

Pax-2 Vaporizer Review The PAX 2 is finally here. A new and improved PAX 2that is 30% smaller than the origional Pax with 30% more battery life. The new PAX 2 also has 4 temperatures instead of 3 with some hidden easter eggs like the origional. The PAX 2 has a thicker aluminumun shell as …

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Haze Vaporizer Reviews

Haze Vaporizer Review

Haze Vaporizer Review The Haze is a revolutionary new vaporizer that has 2 ovens that are used separately. Also includes removable batteries that are very nice, as well as the power bank charger. It reminds me of a NiteCore charger. After using my Haze several times, I find that the conduction and convection screens work well …

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