Dipstick Concentrate Vaporizer Review

Dipstick Concentrate Vaporizer Review

The DipStick is an innovative new way to do dabs on the go.

I tried the DipStick at the cannabis cup and wanted to review it right after I used it. I feel anyone who enjoys dabbing should at least try the DipStick once. That’s all it took me to see all the advantages and wonder why it took until now for someone to come up with such a simple unique design.

The company Improve has developed a truly unique device called the DipStick. The DipStick is essentially an electric nectar collector. With the DipStick there is no need for a recycler, nail, torch, E-nail, or a concentrate pen. Now you simply grab your DipStick and your dab container and you have everything you need to do dabs literally anywhere. You can now dab mess free right from your dab dish. The DipStick is capable of small draws to huge clouds with a little practice. The DipStick is made with only the highest quality food and medical grade materials.

The people at Improve not only sell the DipStick, they also use it! So you can rest assured it is a safe vaporizer. The DipStick is able to be completely disassembled and cleaned very easily.

Let’s see what you get with this innovative new concentrate vaporizer.

Included with the DipStick is:
1x DipStick
2x nickle plated chrome coils housed in a medical/food grade ceramic housing.
1x magnetic coil cover
2x ICR10440 320mAh 3.7 volt batteries
1x battery charger 4.2 volt output
1x screwdriver bit
2x glass concentrate jars
2x long cleaning swabs
1x lanyard
1x user manual

First off like, you need to charge the user replaceable batteries with the supplied charger.

Battery charger will show a red LED when charging
Battery charger will show green lights when fully charged.
To install the batteries in the DipSick is simple. Simply pull off the magnetic mouthpiece and unscrew the battery cap.
Slide the 2 batteries into the unit positive end in first.
Screw on battery cap being careful not to over tighten. You will see a blue LED by the button flash to insure the batteries are in correctly (positive side goes in first)
Attach magnetic mouthpiece with the air chamber.
Grab a coil out of the box and screw it on carefully, be mindful not to over tighten the coil

Now you are ready to DAB!!!
Think of the DipStick as an electric nectar collector or an E-Dab staw.
The dipStick couldn’t be easier to use.
You simply put your concentrates into one of the supplied glass jars, or your own silicone dab container.

To turn on your DipStick press the button 5 times quickly and you will see the blue LED light by the button flash, 5 quick presses will also turn the DipStick off. When on, you press the button the blue LED will light up and your coil will start to glow.

Now it’s as simple as dipping the coil into your dab container and inhaling through the end like a straw. The DipStick was designed with an air passage through the coil that goes through a removable stainless steel air path through the body of the unit to the magnetic mouthpiece. The coil is contained inside a medical food grade ceramic housing. This design allows you to dab without the coil making contact with your container.

The DipStick is a very innovative device indeed. The DipStick takes dabbing to a whole new level. You can literally take a dab virtually anywhere with no mess.

When your done dabbing, the DipStick comes with a magnetic coil cover so you can hang it around your neck or put it in your pocket without wasting concentrates or getting everything all sticky.

The DipStick has been sooo much fun using and reviewing. If you love concentrates but don’t like the hassle of tons of cumbersome equiptment, then the DipStick may be just what your looking for. The dipStick is very simple to use and just as easy to clean, there is even a re-claim chamber!

Keeping in mind this is a concentrate vaporizer, you will need to keep it clean for best results. I recently took my DipStick golfing with me and no one even knew…..other than my final score!

The DipStick is the same circumference as a BIC light if not slightly
smaller around. With a body length of only 5″, 6 and 1/4″ with coil and magnetic cover attached, the DipStick is very portable and stealthy and only weighs 93 grams completely assembled
I cannot see not having the DipStick to use now that I’ve had it and used it for just a short while.

What I like about the DipStick is the design.

I love the fact that the DipStick is made from medical and surgical grade material so you know it’s safe and non toxic.
It is the first concentrate vape dab “pen” if you will of its kind.
The Dipstick is as easy to use as pushing a button and taking a draw.
The DipStick is very easy to take apart and simple to clean.
Every replacement part is available at www.thedipstick.com.
The DipStick has a 3 year warranty that covers everything except the batteries and the coil.
The lanyard they provide you with might make you dab more often, at least it did for me.
I found a home for my DipStick around my neck and I take it almost everywhere!
I like the fact that you can control the size of hit you want.
The DipStick has an auto shut off if you hold the button too long, just like most E-cigs and 510 batteries. If you want a longer draw simply release and press the button while dabbing and you can double your dab time.
Head Choice (which is the DipSticks exclusive distributor) has excellent customer service, super friendly and knowledgeable staff which I can personally speak from many great experiences talking with and purchasing from them.

What I don’t like about the DipStick is:

It’s hard to tell the size of your hit because there is no visible air path.
A glass air path with a cut out in the body of the dipstick would be awesome. You would be able to regulate your hits better.
I don’t like is the price of $250, the DipStick however this is a unique product and there are no other units like it out there so the price has to start somewhere.

Although having and using one I know it’s worth every penny, I think people might shy away from buying one just because of the cost and it is a new product. I think if they were $199 they would be flying off the shelves.

That being said, I still believe it is worth the price. Especially having no other competition on the market. I’m sure as they improve the product and or have competition the price will come down.

I would like to see batteries with higher mAhs for extended use. Although mine have never died on me, I am constantly throwing the batteries on the charger to assure it is ready to go (extra batteries are available separately however on the Improve website).

After extremely heavy use sometimes the blue LED light will randomly flash. You can still use it, but this is an indication of bad contact to the coil due to residue in the reclaim chamber.
I usually unscrew the coil, wipe off the bottom, screw it back in and I’m back in business again. But this is to be expected with sticky concentrates, especially shatter.

If you draw too hard the coil will start to dim so regulating your draw is necessary for best results.

I would like to see more threads on the coil going into the reclaim chamber. The Magnetic cap is VERY magnetic. I wonder if constantly heating up and down, then pulling the very magnetic cap off the coil may stretch the threads. That is the only thing I worry about, other than that the DipStick is fantastic.

Accessories and replacement parts are also available at http://www.thedipstick.com/accessories/

All in all, I absolutely love my DipStick and would definitely check it out if your into concentrates and your budget allows for it. I would definitely recommend the DipStick. I would rate the DipStick 4.7 out of 5 stars. There is nothing else to compare the DipStick to. They are pioneers in the portable electric dabbers. I can’t wait to see how they improve the DipStick!

I must leave room for a 5 star rating because I’m sure Improve is going to be making better versions as we speak. The DipStick is such a unique device and there is really no other unit to compare it to. I’m sure once the DipStick catches on there will be Chinese knock offs. This I’m sure will push Improve to press forward and we will hopefully see newer improved versions of the DipStick in the future.
IMO there is no better way to dab on the go hassle and mess free than with the DipStick concentrate vaporizer.

Please remember these are my own personal opinions. The purpose of my reviews are to let you know the most information of new vaporizers as I can so you can make your own decision.

Thank you for taking the time to read my DipStick concentrate vaporizer review.

Vape Dr.

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