FireFly Portable Convection

FireFly Portable Convection Vaporizer Review

The FireFly is a portable convection vaporizer and weighs in a bit heavy at 280 grams but feels very solid and well built. The air path is all stainless steel, and the chamber has a frosted glass bowl. The FireFly heats up in a few seconds and is not supposed to reach temperatures over 400F. The battery is a bit odd, like 2 cell phone batteries stacked. It is rated at 770mAh and is removable.

Lets see what the FireFly comes with.

1x FireFly vaporizer
1x 770mAh battery
1x carry bag
1x charger
3x plastic toothpicks
3x extra screens
1x cleaning brush
1x user manual
1x quick start guide

There are so few portable convection vaporizers on the market, that may be one reason the FireFly is so popular. The FireFly is much like an updated bigger MFLB. There is also a learning curve like the magic flight. To use the FireFly first make sure it’s fully charged. When you plug in your FireFly the blue light will flash on the side while charging then turn solid when charged.

Once fully charged tun on the power switch on the side. You will see a green light.

Separate the top and bottom.

Now you can easily fill up the glass bowl.

Now by pushing the button on the side, you have control of how long the chamber glows for.

When using the FireFly you must be patient. Much like the Magic Flight Launch Box there is a bit of a learning curve to the FireFly. Although they claim the chamber does not reach above 400F, at first I combusted a few times trying to get the pre-heat and length of button depression down. Combustion takes place at around 445F so although the chamber may reach only 400F there may still be residual heat in the oven that you need to compensate for when trying to find your sweet spot.

The FireFly can and does taste very good but you should know the unit is very finicky, and it does take some time to get the FireFly to work at its peak performance. FireFly is also very heavy and looks like a 1980’s cell phone which are two of its downfalls IMO.

The FireFly to me is one of those great at home portables for the connoisseur.

Once you get the learning curve down, if flavor is your thing (like me) the first few draws from the FireFly are delicious!
The battery also charges rather quickly which is very nice.

Because there are so few portable convection vapes, there is not much competition for the FireFly. The only other portable convection unit that works well is the Elevape smart vape. But just like the FireFly, the ES has its own quirks however once you get your unit tuned it works very well.

Convection is where its at IMO. I prefer convection over conduction any day.

I find I get the best results by holding the heat button for 6 seconds then start to draw while keeping the button held. If you can take long draws and hold your hit for the 30 second duration (stops heating after 30 continuous seconds) you will get a great draw with amazing taste and pronounced vapor. After the first hit, I hold the button for 4 seconds then let go for 4 seconds and kind of throttle it. I do close to the same with the following hits as well. This works for me with a medium grind and fresher herb.

Everyone’s usage will vary depending on what type of vaporist you are and the state of your material. However when taking the first draw I find 6 seconds preheating then drawing works the best for me. Also remember the harder you draw, the more heat comes out of the oven, the slower your draw the hotter the oven. So that being said, you will have to use the FireFly several times before finding what works best for you.

What I like most about the FireFly are the first few draws. Another bonus is how conservative it is, however you will need to stir the chamber halfway through your session. I usually get 5 to 8 great draws (depending on moisture content) per chamber which is roughly .1-.15 grams for me.
This is my ABV after I got the curve figured out. This was 6 very tasty draws.

The FireFly is very easy to clean. The battery charges fast and will last you probably a half hour of use (heating the chamber) depending on your style.

What I don’t like about the FireFly is the look of the unit. It looks very dated. I also don’t like how heavy the FireFly is. I wish they used an 18650 battery (or 2) instead of their own special battery. To me the FireFly is a great at home portable convection vaporizer.

I would never take it out and about with me or to use with friends. It would take too long to explain how to use.

Would I recommend the FireFly? Yes and no. Yes if you love flavor and a conservative at home vaporizer, no if you want a grab and go session vape.
So how patient are you? Are you willing to to put the time in for the learning curve or do you just want a grab and go vape?

The taste is amazing when you get it down, but I only use it at home. If I am at home, I will use a plug in convection vaporizer like the VapeXhale EVO or the SSV.

However the FireFly is perfect for sitting on your deck or by your pool.

Rating the FireFly is tough for me. I think it has more good qualities than bad, it’s just one of those vapes that is hard to rate.
It is not stealthy. It’s very heavy. I don’t think it’s super portable “friendly”. It takes a bit to get used to. It scratches very easily. It has specific batteries….

However it does do what it is supposed to do. Just because I don’t take it out of the house doesn’t mean you won’t.
It’s like the Solo. portable….but not really. Many of those with experience with the magic flight launch box will probably get it down much quicker, same principle.

So my rating based on all I have told you would be a 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is a delicious vaporizer and works very well. I know it may not be for everyone with the learning curve, but like I said the portable convection market is so limited….for now at least.

Please remember these are all my own personal opinions. The purpose of my reviews is to get you as much knowledge as I can to you so you can choose the right vaporizer for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my FireFly review.

Vape Dr.

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