Flowermate Mini V5.0S Vaporizer Review

Flowermate Mini V5.0S Review

Flowermate Mini V5.0S

The Flowermate Mini V5.0S is finally here! A mini version of the Flowermate could not be more welcomed. The Flowermate has proven itself to be a very capable inexpensive vaporizer, now we have a mini version which is extremely small and super portable. Not only does the mini Flowermate have 3 temperature settings Blue: 385F, Purple: 400F, and Red: 415F, the Flowermate mini is also a power bank. This means you can charge your phone, note pad, or even other vaporizers with the new Flowermate mini. While the temperatures may seem on the higher side, the V5.0S mini works incredibly well. The mini also comes with the new glass mouthpiece.
Lets see what you get with your Flowermate mini V5.0S.

Included with the mini V5.0S:
1x mini unit
1x glass mouthpiece
1x micro USB cable
2x extra screens
1x tamp/stir tool
1x cleaning brush
1x instruction manual

When I received the new Flowermate mini V5.0S I was surprised at how small the box was! When I opened the box I was delighted to see a nice solid 3 temperature portable vaporizer which doubles as a power bank for under $120!

I like low temperatures, so I didn’t think I would use any temperature but the first. I can enjoy all three because of the design of the unit and not cough or irritate my throat.

When I say this unit is small, I mean it is small! It is a mere 3 and 3/8ths tall, 1 and 13/16ths wide, and 13/16ths of an inch thick. Here is a size comparison with the V5.0S PRO and the mini V5.0S.

Other than the size of the new Flowermate mini being extremely portable, The mini uses micro USB charging!

If you flip the mini over there is a USB port to use your mini as a power bank!

I can’t stress how small the mini V5.0S is. Here is the mini next to a BIC lighter.

For those of you that have a flowermate, here is a size comparison of the mini and the PRO.

So what sets the mini apart from the original Flowermate?
Obviously the size is a huge factor making the mini a super portable vaporizer compared to the original Flowermate.
The mini can be used as a power bank to charge your phone or other devices.
There are 3 temperatures to choose from.

As if these weren’t enough for a nice small inexpensive vaporizer, the mini also allows you to adjust how much or how little draw restriction you want. When you open the chamber lid and the mouthpiece lid, you can see right through the bottom of the chamber.

This is very beneficial because now you can control the draw restriction. If you want little to no draw restriction just leave the mouthpiece compartment lid open and you will get nice non restrictive draws. If you prefer draw restriction, just slide the door shut. If you want a little restriction, leave it halfway open. You can even leave the bottom open and use your finger to “throttle” the hole and give yourself the desired restriction you would like.
You can see and actually hear what I’m talking about in my usage video.

The mini V5.0S is a worthy portable competitor for sure.

I can vape on red 415F with the bottom open and get nice smooth draws. I prefer to stay below 400F personally, but the mini was much smoother with the mouthpiece lid open and no draw restriction.
The mini charges up relatively quickly and the battery lasts a decent amount of time, at least 45 minutes.
The holes on the side of the unit are also larger than the other flowermates which keep the mini nice and cool.

The mini has a 5 minute shut off, but a quick push of the button and you are back in business. The mini is about on par with the origional Flowermate taste wise, with the addition of a couple extra temperatures.
Even the ABV comes out nice without stirring the chamber. Here is an ABV pic next to the bud I was vaping. The black cherry soda is a very dark purple, so the ABV is a bit darker with this specific strain.

What I like most about the mini is obviously the size

The 3 temperature settings are very nice although they seem like they would be on the hotter side for me, I got good taste and vapor from all 3 temperatures. The micro USB charging is a much welcomed change, as well as the power bank option. The fact that you can adjust your draw restriction is fantastic! The glass mouthpiece is also very nice. What I think I like the most about the mini is that flowermate made a very good budget vape with some very nice features for under $120. That is key to me. A more portable 3 temperature vaporizer at a very reasonable price from a reputable company, it’s about time!

There isn’t much I don’t like about the mini. It is a great small budget vape with some cool extras. I really can’t think of much I would change about the mini. It works, and it works well. Although there are obviously much better units on the market, not many can compete with the mini for the price. IMO this is a great vaporizer for beginners, to have as a back up, or because you just want a new vape. Keep in mind even though I have expressed how much I like the mini, remember it is still a flowermate. You know what to expect and how it will taste.

Would I recommend the mini? Absolutely! With a retail price of $120, there are many deals on vapes going on where you could easily pick a mini up for less than $100. The mini is ergonomic, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

I would rate the Flowermate mini V5.0S a 4.3 out of 5. It is not quite a 4.4 but dam close. One thing I am curious about is customer service, being a chinese vape and all, but SMISS seems to be a pretty legit company. This is always a huge concern of mine but they have been around for a while and it’s apparent they are not going any where anytime soon. The mini impressed me very much right off the bat. I doubt I will use the mini as my daily driver, but it will definitely be in my rotation for sure!

The mini is an excellent vaporizer, if you are a beginner or just getting into vaping I would absolutely check out the mini V5.0S!

Please remember these are all my own personal opinions. The purpose of my reviews are to help you find the vaporizer that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Thank you for taking the time to read my flowermate mini review. Please check out my usage video for more useful information!

Vape Dr.

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