flowermate v5 pro vaporizer review

Flowermate v5 Pro Review

Flowermate V5 Pro Vaporizer Review

The newest vaporizer in the flowermate line up is the V5.0 Pro. The V5.0 PRO is a fully adjustable temperature conduction vaporizer with a temperature range of 106F (40C) and 446 F (230C). The V5.0 Pro has a ceramic chamber, and a digital display and a battery meter now. It also now comes standard with a glass mouthpiece. The V5.0 PRO is NOT a pass through device nor does it come with the light in the chamber like the original. It cannot be used while charging. The V5.0 PRO looks and feels like the original flowermate with the exception of the charge port on the top and the 2 extra buttons. The original flowermate became an instant hit with its simple efficient inexpensive design.

The Flowermate V5.0PRO comes with:

  • 1x flowermate vaporizer
  • 1x glass mouthpiece
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x tamp/stir tool
  • 1x charger
  • 1x user guide

Flowermate v5 Pro Vaporizer Unboxing Video

The original Flowermate became a hit because it was so simple to use. Lets see how a fully temperature controlled Flowermate stacks up against it.

Just as the original Flowermate the V5.0 PRO heats up extremely fast. The glass mouthpiece is nice.

However I never had an issue with the silicone mouthpiece after I soaked it in coconut milk to get rid of the silicone taste. I do like low temperatures so I started at 350F. The taste was slightly above average and it had wispy vapor. After a few Hits I Bumped It up in 10F incitements up to 430F.

Those of you that watch my reviews know I don’t vape over 400F because it is too harsh for me.

The Flowermate seemed to get the best extraction in the upper 390s which is roughly the same as the original Flowermate temperature is supposed to be.

Just as the original Flowermate, the taste never got burnt popcorn bad but the taste was pretty much average vaped herb taste. If you keep the temps low you get pretty decent flavor but no vapor and increasing the temperature decreases the taste and increase the vapor.

I was a fan of the original Flowermate and I do like the ability to control the temperatures now.

However I find them equally enjoyable. If you are a huge fan of the Flowermate and its simple design, you will love it. IMO the original Flowermate is just as good. For the price of around $150 there are many other better options IMO. That being said, if you search you can find the PRO for around $60 which is more where the price should be.

Flowermate v5 Pro Review Video

The Flowermate is a good vaporizer but personally I wouldn’t call it a great vape. The PRO is not a “must have” vape by any means. The only difference between the V5.0 and the PRO is the V5.0 has 3 set temperatures (which start very high IMO) and the PRO is digital.

IMO the V5.0 PRO would be a great beginner or back up vape for a price of $50-$60. It is still the same unit with a very inaccurate temperature display. IMPO the temps are 25F-30F off its actual temperature.

It has does have very good battery life, decent taste at low temperatures, decent vapor, and is simple to use. Adding the new adjustable temperatures is a great addition. I do think SMISS should include a silicone and a glass mouthpiece. The silicone mouthpiece was nice because you could use it in most any water tool or pipe. However the glass mouthpiece is nice and I do think it cools the vapor down a little bit more.

The V5.0 PRO works well. If they had incorporated a vibration, auto puff, auto temp rise, or replaceable batteries, then maybe that grab my attention a little more.

What it comes down to is form factor.

If you like or love the design of the Flowermate you will like this vaporizer, you would like it a lot more for $60 or less. Although the Flowermate has worked well since its release (at about $50 shipped), IMO they need to make some design changes, like the mini Flowermate with fully adjustable temperatures with some extra features. That would be very nice. Even though the temperatures would still be inaccurate it would have a battery life meter. Which makes me wonder how accurate is the battery meter if IMO the temperature are so far off.

What do I like about the V5.0 PRO are the fully adjustable temperatures and battery meter.

The simplicity of use, and it is pretty efficient. I do also like the glass mouthpiece.

The Flowermate is a very simple to operate vaporizer so it is great for beginners.

Flowermate has been pretty impressive with the quality of their units, they seem to last a long time and are built simple.

What do I not like about it, the lack of the chamber light, the lack of pass through charging, and the fact that I enjoy it most at close to the original Flowemate stock temperature.

However having complete temp control you will be able to fine tune the PRO to the “temperature” of your choice.

I’m not a huge fan of the “dug out” shape of the PRO, but it is the design that got their foot in the vaporizer industry door.

My main concern about the V 5.0 PRO is the accuracy of the temperature readout.

The Flowermate is a decent unit. However with its popularity, the price has increased. Thankfully not by much, and if you search you can find a great deal on one. It is nice to see Flowermate is trying to add new features.

The V 5.0 with a few temperatures to choose from was definitely a welcomed addition to Flowermate lovers. I think the digital display is a nice thing to have on any vaporizer as long as its accurate.

I would rate the V5.0 PRO a 3.9 out of 5 stars. It does have more features and works well, but its still the same Flowermate design. The buttons are cheap which is no surprise and very touchy. IMO The digital display is more of a gimmick than anything

I do hope they make some aesthetic changes in the future. There are many great portable vaporizers popping up all over the place and Flowermate is right there with them making solid dependable portable units.

Please remember these are my personal opinions and I am giving you information for you to find and choose the vaporizer that best suits you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Flowermate V5.0 PRO review.

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