Haze Vaporizer Review

Haze Vaporizer Review Includes New V2.5 at the end By VapeSmart

Haze Vaporizer Review

Here is one from my personal collection and it’s one of my favorites! The Haze vaporizer is one of the most innovative portable vaporizers on the market! The patented dual bowl technology and heat exchange system are concepts unique to the Haze. Plus removable batteries in a light/compact package and you’ve already got more than most. But adding the ability to vaporize dry herb AND concentrates independently and interchangeably in preloaded cans is what makes the Haze hard to beat!

The Haze includes all you need and then some! You get everything you see here included with your purchase with the exception of the car charger (pictured below the unit) which is offered separately.

In the box you will receive:

• The Haze Unit
• Charger
• 2 Lithium-ion batteries
• 2 convection screens
• 2 conduction screens
• 2 multi-purpose cans
• Cleaning tool
• Material tool
• Stainless steel mouthpiece
• Glass mouthpiece
• Instruction manual
• Instructional video disc

There are some thoughtful touches from the Haze team here……
Two batteries keep you going all the time. Each one is averaging 2-3 twenty minute sessions before I am recharging them. I like to keep them topped off so it’s nice that they give you two so you can use the device while charging the other. The fact that you are not tied to an outlet in any way (as it pertains to the vape) is a huge plus and a big advantage over a lot of other portables on the market.

The charger has battery indicator level lights on it so you know how far along you are on regaining your juice. If you purchase the car charger separately you should know that you will still need the home base to charge the batteries. The car charger plugs into the base, not into the unit.

Other highlights include two mouthpieces. One comes in glass and the other in stainless. I actually prefer the stainless because there is no noticeable taste difference and the stainless has the advantage of being more durable plus there are times where it’s easier to remove from the unit. With the Haze you can push down and conceal the mouthpiece inside the unit while not in use. However there is a minor problem where it gets sticky in there after a few uses and then the mouthpiece doesn’t slide out as nice. The stainless is heavier which makes it easier to “flick out” but you can also use the tweezers to pull it out when it’s sticky.

Speaking of tweezers (material tool), these things ROCK! I ordered a bunch more to use for my other vapes! They have this handy shovel scooper on one end and tweezers on the other. This is the all in one tool for loading, picking, scraping, whatever and the shovel side fits nicely into the bowl area of the Haze and several other vapes out there. Hey Haze, anyway to make them so you can store them inside the unit? I’d love to see that!

There are two types of screens included in the Haze. One is labeled as the convection screen while the other is the conduction screen. We will get more into the differences in the performance section. Then there are THE CANS! One of the best features of the Haze in my opinion. Haze originally marketed these for use with e-liquid and concentrates. They work great as such but I like them best for dry herb! I figured out that you could remove the cotton wick and place your ground up dry herb right in the can. Not only is the performance outstanding but being able to swap them in and out with no mess is so awesome! I have so many that I can grind up a bunch of material, load up the cans and have weeks of vapin’ without having to ever mess with my herb. This is so convenient. I mean think about this in a concert setting. Do you really want to be messing around dumping and reloading your herb in the middle of a big crowd? With the cans you just pop the old one out and drop in a fresh one.

Now onto the Haze itself………

The Haze is a quite small measuring in at a height of 3.13 inches (4.75 inches w/ the mouthpiece fully extended) X 3 inches of width and 1 inch of depth. The weight is mostly from the battery and comes in at 192 g’s all loaded up with battery/SS stem/cans.

Here is a size comparison next to some other popular vapes:

The exterior is made of plastic and silicone. At first this was a bit of a turn-off for me. Next to the three other vapes in my personal collection that were all made mostly of metal, I initially looked at this as a step back. However the more I used the Haze the more I appreciated it. The plastic helps keep it lightweight and the silicone is soft to the touch. The fit in your hand and pocket is natural and comfortable due to the curvature in the design. One benefit of the soft silicone is its ability to combat the heat. You can hold the Haze on the silicone and it feels cool and comfortable.

I do have a few gripes on the looseness of the battery door, oven door and switch though. Haze has made some minor revisions here but I still think there is room for improvement. That said these are cosmetic and don’t impact the performance and versatility of this device which is where it excels.

The vapor path is stainless steel which feeds the glass or stainless stems and the flavor is excellent. I no longer own an Ascent but I think the Haze is right under that level, on par with the Indica and above the Pax and Flowermate.

The color options that are currently available are Midnight (Dark Blue), Graphite (Gray), Orchid (Purple) and Absinthe (Green). You may see pictures of White Haze units if you are looking on the net. I believe those were beta models and possibly some available on the first production run but they don’t seem to be available now through my research.

All of this backed by a 10 year warranty and some of the best service you will find anywhere! I have worked close with the Haze team since before the launch and have been very impressed with their response time to questions and their willingness to way to address customer concerns. Another thing I would like to point out here is that Haze is very interested in feedback from their customers. They have already made several revisions to the design in response to what their customers are telling them. There are other great examples of service and response in the vape world and Haze is right there at the top with them!

This is where the Haze has some serious advantages over much if it’s competition! The dual bowl design and ability to vaporize dry herb and concentrates interchangeably may be the single largest advantage it has. What’s better is it handles both of these very well but more on that in a minute.

I have already mentioned what I think about the taste. It is excellent in my opinion but there are a lot of factors such as your material quality, cleaning regiment and vaporizing temperature that go into this one so I am quick to say YMMV on this one.

Heat up time is just under 60 seconds which is in range with the competition. Here is a video which demonstrates the dual bowl, use of the dry herb in the can (as described above) and the heat up time to level 3.

(Figure 7-Haze Prep and Heat-up)

The temperature settings are as follows: (The new Haze V2.5 has all new temperature settings. See the bottom of this review as updated)
• Level 1- 250F (use with e-liquid)
• Level 2 -350F
• Level 3- 375F
• Level 4- 410 F (use with concentrates)

I typically start on level 3 and run most of my session here. I will go up to level 4 for the last few draws to insure I get full extraction of the herb. You will get pretty dense vapor on level 3 and all out clouds if you like level 4.

Here is what you should expect for vapor production (sorry this is really not the best representation but the best I could capture with my camera and lighting)….

(Figure 8 – Haze Vapor)

On occasion I will start on level 2 which to me is the “taste” setting. You won’t get a ton of vapor here although you can spend your whole session on this setting and get pretty medicated on light wispy vapor.

I do wish there were some different settings though. I find level 2 to be bit too low and level 1 is of no use to me as I don’t use e-liquids. If they made some changes on those and added a few more between level 3 and level 4 it would be perfect for me.

Regarding the vapor temperature, the patented heat exchange technology really works. The vapor does not feel harsh even at level 4 like many other vapes do with temperatures over 400 (not sayin’ it’s cool though it’s cooler than you’d expect).

The draw is also pretty restriction free which some may or may not like. It’s more like that Ascent in that regard and less like the Pax or Indica if you have ever tried those. Even with all the air you are inhaling you are still getting nice vapor.

As mentioned there are several screen options in addition to the cans. The convection and conduction screens are going to give you good results but you will find yourself having to stir the herb a bit if you want to get completely uniform ABV.

For me I prefer the cans based on convenience but what’s better is I think the performance is best out of the can! I put about .25 g’s of herb in and tamp it down lightly. I have tried various grinds from a fine grind coming out of a MFLB finishing grinder (or coffee grinder) to a medium grind coming out of a Space Case. I don’t notice any real difference between them. The Haze handles them both well.

If using wax or some other form of concentrate you just put it right in the bottom of an empty can (no cotton) and pop the silicone lid back on. You don’t need much and the performance is well documented to be great. Unfortunately I don’t have access right now so I will stop back and update the review if/when I do. I do however have “reliable sources” who are experienced with lots of different vaporizers including ones for concentrates and they rave about the performance of the Haze!

Here is a picture of the Haze with the door open. Notice the stainless cap’s on the oven door. This is one of the revisions Haze introduced and it does have a positive impact on taste but even more so it benefit’s heat up time. My original heat up time to level 3 with herb in the cans was about 2 minutes 30 seconds and now it heats up in under 1 minute. Great job Haze!

I also need to share the water attachment solution I use. Right now Haze doesn’t offer one so I contacted Ed from Ed’s TnT to create one in this beautiful Blackwood!

And here is another shot of it out of the unit with the added wood stem……

And finally with my Pinnacle Watertool……

I really love these pieces and Ed is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet! The wood gives a natural taste and is more durable than the glass. But I just think it looks so beautiful so even if I didn’t use it I would still keep it! Thanks Ed! I will be back for more goodies for my other vapes!

Cleaning is a breeze on the Haze as you will see in the attached video. I will demonstrate a cleaning solution for the cans and show you how to clean the unit. You will also get a look at the ABV coming out of the can. If you are into recycling ABV you want to stay at level 3 and below. Level 4 will extract it to a level where it probably has little to no value.

(Figure 13- Cleaning)

Reliability of the unit appears to be at least on par with average portable. This especially considering it’s pretty new and they are still working out some of the bugs. The issues reported have mostly to do with heat up and temperature regulation and there are no mass reports of some major design flaw. I broke the plastic housing around my original but I think a lot of that had to do with the sticky mouthpiece issue and I have found a work around to the problem (listed below). One thing is for sure thought, if you do have a problem the Haze team will take care of it! They resolve problems quickly and get you back up and running with no hassle customer service!

Whew….We are finally here! I know this review was lengthy and I am sorry for that. If you stuck with it the whole time I hope you enjoyed the read. I just thought it was important to give the Haze the thorough review it deserves because it really is a nice device!

At $250 (current list price) there are several options for the consumer to choose from. For that kind of money you really want feel good about the value your dollar is bringing. The Haze is not without its flaws but in my opinion it checks a lot of the boxes consumers are looking for in a great portable.

First you have the dual bowl design with the ability to handle dry herb and concentrates interchangeably in a compact and lightweight package. Then you add removable batteries plus a great accessory package highlighted by the beloved tweezers tool and two different two mouthpieces (glass and stainless). Last but not least you have the ultra-convenient multi-purpose cans that can handle anything you throw in them. Oh and did I mention it is great tasting thick/dense vapor? Now you can start to see what sets the Haze apart!

If Haze just worked on a few of the fit and finish design tweaks and adjusted/added some temp settings you just may have that perfect vape everyone is looking for!

Of course all of this is just my opinion and you may not agree. This just highlights the fact that you need to do your homework and decide which features are important to you.

I hope this review helped you in your quest and I thank you for reading it!
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Owner’s Section
So I really like this vape and have had it since the opening release. At this point I consider myself an expert with the Haze so here are a couple other tips I have learned along the way…

• Mouthpiece- It’s easier to get a sticky mouthpiece out if you leave it in while you are heating the oven. The heat makes the resin warm up and helps it slide out.

• Batteries- Performance can be diminished on low batteries. Keep them charged or you may be disappointed with the results.

• Position the cans properly with the hooks on the side of the bowl markers. You should see the hole in front line up with the channel of the silicone lid. If the cans are put in backwards you will not achieve vapor.

• If you prepack your cans way in advance, give your herb a little poke with the tweezers to loosen it up a little and ensure proper airflow in the can.

• Use the tweezers to pull hot cans from the ovens by the hooks. You can set them down on a heat resistant surface or run them under water if you need them to cool off quick.

• Use coconut milk to clean your silicone lids (credits @VapeDr.). It’s a safe/natural alternative that cleans them well.

• I use these Tupperware containers for cleaning. One holds my silicone lids. The second holds my stems that are in the cleaning rotation and the third holds my cans that are already spent and waiting to be refilled.

Haze doesn’t offer a case at this point. That’s ok because I use these black boxes made by a popular phone case company for several of my vapes. Inside I can hold the Haze unit, the tweezers, alcohol prep pads for cleaning (underneath the Haze), up to two spare batteries, an extra stem if you want and the aluminum canisters up top. Those 1” x 1.5” canisters hold four cans each so if you keep two in the unit you can have a total 10 cans to go with this package! The box is also waterproof and crush proof. All of this fits in nice and tight as demonstrated in this video:

(Figure 15- Haze Case)

Just for shits and giggles here is my Haze with some of my other favorites:

(Figure 16- Vape Collection Cases)

Yes some might call me a bit anal but I am ok with that………

I hope you enjoyed the extras!!!

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