HipVap Prtable Vaporizer Review

HipVap Portable Vaporizer Review

HipVap Portable Vaporizer

The new HipVap vaporizer is a very small digital portable vaporizer.

The HipVap has 2 batteries, a stainless steel air path.
The chamber is on the bottom which results in much cooler and smoother draws.
The HipVap is the shape of a small flask, very small. The HipVap is reminiscent of the transporter or flowermate V7, but digital and much smaller. The HipVap is very ergonomic and fits very comfortable in your pocket.

The HipVap also comes with concentrate “pods” and wicks to soak your oil in and vape it.

You can also use the oil pods to pack with herb and put the silicone cap on for a quick reload. There is a screen at the bottom of the pod and the silicone lid has plenty of air holes. This comes in handy but they can be difficult to get out. That’s OK because HipVap is already designing a silicone lid with a handle for easy pod removal as well as a longer mouth piece that can be used with 14mm water tools.

The HipVap also uses micro USB charging which I am a big fan of! Thank you! The HipVap features a digital display with a temperature range from 150F to 430F. The unit also has a shutoff timer that you can set to turn the unit off from 1 to 10 minutes. If you change the temperature the auto shut off resets. The HipVap also has a feature that when the unit shuts off, one quick press of the button turns it back to its preset temperature.

Included with the HipVap:

1x HipVap vaporizer
1x wall mount micro USB charger
2x oil “pods”
8x oil wicks
3x screens
2x extra silicone mouth piece tips
10x pipe cleaners
2x smell proof bags
1x user manual

The HipVap is one of the newest portable digital conduction vaporizer out.The HipVap feels very sturdy and very well made. It is made of aluminum shell, however the chamber lid bottom is made of some sort of heat resistant plastic.

The temperature, shut off and power button are also plastic.

When the unit is charging the light will shine orange.
When the unit is full charged the light will turn green.
The HipVap takes around a minute to reach 360F. The light will flash red as it’s reaching desired temperature.
The chamber at the bottom of the unit will hold a decent amount of material. You can fit .25 to .3 grams, maybe more if you use a very fine grind.

I have noticed that the HipVap works just as well with fine or coarse grind, dry or slightly fresh, but pack the oven tighter for best results IMO. The oven seems to heat relatively evenly even with a plastic bottom. The HipVap is a pretty decent tasting vaporizer. I did do burn offs for 20 minutes with no signs of any off gassing or funky smells.

The digital display is very nice and easy to use, which goes up in temperature in 2 degree Fahrenheit increments.
There is no battery indicator, but the power button will flash when the power gets low.
The batteries seem to last rather long and have not left me stranded yet.
The HipVap also goes into trickle charge mode when completing charging.

The HipVap tastes good at lower temperatures and there is visible vapor. The HipVap (as most conduction vaporizers) produces more vapor at higher temperatures. The HipVap still tastes relatively good at higher temps and the draw is surprisingly cool. After extended periods of time the unit itself will become warm but that’s after 10 minutes of use or longer. At 420F the ABV comes out dark, but nice and uniform.

What I like about the HipVap is the shape and form factor.

The digital display and digital shutoff timer.
The stainless steel oven and air path are nice and easy to clean.
The taste at low temperatures is great!
The taste at higher temperatures is surprising smooth.
The HipVap heats up to temperature pretty quickly.
The HipVap is very small and fits very nicely in your pocket.
The micro USB charging.
No draw restriction.

What I don’t like about the HipVap is it takes a bit long to re-charge but not too long.

I wish the digital display did more, such as a battery meter, Celsius display, and shut off timer display.
The HipVap prefers higher temperatures if you want to see alot of vapor.
I wish there was a stainless steel oven lid bottom.
The oil pods do not work with my shatter. 430F is not hot enough for the concentrates let alone harder concentrates.
I also tried oil with less than stellar results. The HipVap needs higher temperatures for it to successfully at vaping oil IMO.

The “smell proof” bags are a joke, they are just small 3″x 4″ silver lined zip locks, they are the same bags as PAX accessories come in.

All in all I think the HipVap is a decent vaporizer. IMO the price is a bit high at $199. I think there are other comparable viable options. The HipVap is sleek and the digital display is nice (as long as it’s temperatures are accurate) and the unit feels nice. The HipVap is a big step up from the transporter or Flowermate V7 because of the digital display and smaller size but it performs very similarly. It also has a stainless steel oven and airpath which is much nicer than ceramic IMO.
IMO the HipVap is is a good contender among the latest portable conduction vaporizers that it competes with.

I would recommend the HipVap, especially if you like higher temperatures and if it’s on sale would be a plus. IMO it works well. I would say $150 would be a more accurate price point for the unit.

I would rate the HipVap 4.3 out of 5 stars. It tastes very good at low temps and gets good vapor at higher temps.
The HipVap is solid, sleek and works well for a conduction herb vaporizer, with higher temperatures it could work well with the oil pods IMO.

Please remember these are my own personal opinions. The purpose of my reviews are to educate you about vaporizers that I’ve personally tried so you can decide which vaporizer best suits your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read my HipVap review.

Vape Dr.

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