Minivap Review

Minivap Review

Minivap by Hermes Medical

The Minivap vaporizer is a wonderful made by Hermes Medical in Spain. Although being a portable vaporizer, it is quite large making it more of an “at home” portable in my opinion.

The Minivap easily became a favorite of mine from the first time I used it. I was also impressed with what was included….

The Minivap comes with:
1x minivap vaporizer
1x minivap battery
1x charging dock
1x charging cord
1x soft carry case
1x small bowl screen
1x large bowl screen
1x hard mouth piece
1x silicone mouthpiece
1x standard screen/top
1x silicon screen/top
1x cleaning brush
5x extra screens
1x liquid pad
1x owners manual

Lets start with the battery. The Minivap battery can last up to 5 hours on the lower settings and 3 hours on the highest setting.

The bowls are very easy to load with the largest one being roughly .25-.3 grams. Its as easy as loading the bowl and dropping it in the unit. Next place the unit on top of the battery and replace the top cap and the Minivap is ready to start vapin.

Cool feature the Minivap also has a decarboxylation chamber so you extract the most from your medicine.

To turn on the Minivap you hold the 2 buttons (the up & down temp buttons).

There are 4 settings to choose from…

Light blue 375F
Pink 395F
Green 415F
Red 440F

I started with a large bowl on blue. The unit heated to temperature in 1:30 but I waited a few extra minutes just to be sure the unit was fully heated. The nice thing about the Minivap is that it does not vaporize your material unless you are taking a draw.

There is also a battery indicator light on the back. I know green is fully charged. The battery on the Minivap is quite beastly!

The taste is very pure and the clouds consistent. The fact that it is a medical device makes me feel super secure about using the unit and the battery attaches separately making the unit even safer.

To say the taste is pure is an understatement. The Minivap is a great session vaporizer. The extraction impressive as well. Although being larger than other portables, it really plays to its advantage. The Minivap couldn’t be easier to use with its size and design. I absolutely love the Minivap, it lasts forever and never gets hot. It never even got too “warm”, it was just on and you can easily pass the Minivap around a session without it becoming uncomfortable to hold or pass.

I want to go on vacation and take my Minivap with me right now. You can have the Minivap on and pick it up and take a draw like your taking a drink.

With some ingenuity you can also use your Minivap with waterpipes.

Although the Minivap is on the pricey side at the $500 mark, being designed by doctors and produced by a medical company, I think the price is more than fair. You cannot truly appreciate the Minivap until you’ve used it.

From design, taste, vapor, battery life, and ease of use, the Minivap is a winner.

I had a leisurely 55 minute session without a care in the world. After the first use with the Minivap, I knew I was going to get along very well with the Minivap. I lost count of draws and just enjoyed the ride!

I don’t think I could say enough good things about the Minivap. I love everything about it. It is worth every penny. I would highly recommend the Minivap to anyone considering purchasing one. The Minivap is on of the most convenient easy to use vaporizers I have had the pleasure of using.

As I said before the Minivap is large for a portable, but the design works well with it and half of the unit is the battery. There is an optional attachment sold separately that allows you to use your Minivap while your battery is charging separately. This is very convenient and the unit is much smaller when using the AC adapter.

Although no vaporizer I review will ever get 5 stars, I have to leave room for improvement I would rate the Minivap a 4.7 out of 5 stars. This is one of my highest rating so far. The Minivap has a permanent place in my vape rotation.

Please remember these reviews are my own personal opinions. My reviews are to help you choose the right vaporizer for you.

Thank you for reading my review.
Vape Dr.

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