Pax-2 Vaporizer Reviews

Pax-2 Vaporizer Review

Pax-2 Vaporizer Review

The PAX 2 is finally here. A new and improved PAX 2that is 30% smaller than the origional Pax with 30% more battery life. The new PAX 2 also has 4 temperatures instead of 3 with some hidden easter eggs like the origional. The PAX 2 has a thicker aluminumun shell as well as a new magnetic charging dock. The PAX 2 has a narrower but deeper oven than the origional PAX. The PAX 2 claims to use “lip sensing” technology which can tell when your taking a draw or just holding the unit, it also comes with 2 different style mouth piece tips. The PAX is a vey popular conduction vaporizer but the PAX 2 is a slimmer sleeker version of the orgional but with some new technology and features.

Included with the Pax-2:

1x PAX 2 unit
1x flat mouth piece
1x mouth piece with a tip (like the orgional but shorter)
1x magnetic charging dock
1x charging cord
1x bottle of ISO
10x bristled pipe cleaners
The PAX 2 is a definite improvement over the origional PAX.
The 4 petals now show the battery status with 25% incriments. The PAX 2 still comes with hidden easter eggs such as party mode, playing the song funky town, and simon.

The PAX 2 is small and sleek. It feels solid and good in your hand. There are 2 mouthpieces provided, one flat one and a tapered one. The new mouthpieces are no longer plastic. They are now silicone.

Pax-2 Vaporizer

The PAX 2 is a definite improvement over the origional PAX. The 4 petals now show the battery status with 25% incriments. The PAX 2 still comes with hidden easter eggs such as party mode, playing the song funky town, and simon.

The PAX 2 is small and sleek. It feels solid and good in your hand. There are 2 mouthpieces provided, one flat one and a tapered one. The new mouthpieces are no longer plastic. They are now silicone.

PAX seemed to have taken care of most of the issues of the origional PAX. There are no longer any moving parts in the mouthpiece so no more sticky mouthpiece, just a button under the silicone.

The charging unit is also improved. The PAX 2 now uses a magnetic charging cradle which is super simple to use.

The PAX 2 also has 4 temperatures now. 360F, 380F, 400F, and 420F. There is also a 5th oven off “easter egg” setting as well as many more easter eggs. The PAX 2 still has the same party mode and shake to see the battery feature, however now the 4 PAX petals are each 25% of the battery life. The new flat mouthpiece is very nice.

Not only does it make it very stealthy, IMO it has a cooler draw than the tapered one.You can tell alot of time and effort went into the PAX 2. It is a very much improved version of the origional. You no longer need to remove the mouthpiece for anything but cleaning now.
All functions are now controlled by a button on the silicone mouthpiece lid.

The chamber is deeper and narrower however it is roughly the same size as the origional PAX.

The PAX 2 will give you a few nice and tasty draws at temp 1, then just as the origional PAX the herb just tastes average. The PAX 2 does a good job and looks fantastic, however IMO the oven is still too large. I used to make “half pack” screens with my origional PAX for the desired amount I want to vape without having to fill the entire oven to the top. Apparently I am not alone with this. There is a company called new vape that makes aftermarket bottom screens for better airflow and a “pusher” which is an adjustable screen lid so you can pack as little as you want in the chamber.

You can find their accessories here:

My first impressions of the PAX 2 were pleasing. The unit is very small, the new mouthpieces are great, the charger is much improved but I don’t know why PAX doesn’t just put a dam micro USB plug on the unit. Why do they have to try and be fancy when it comes to charging and make their chargers specific for the PAX and PAX 2?

Because the oven is quite large and holds up to .3 grams, as with the origional PAX the PAX 2 works best with a finer grind and a tighter pack.

Between the 2 mouthpieces I prefer the flat one. IMPO it has a cooler draw than the tapered mouthpiece. The PAX 2 is very easy to turn on/off, use, and navigate through temperatures very easily with 1 button while in use.

The PAX 2 however does suffer the same downfall as the origional PAX. Stirring the chamber is necessary to get the most even extraction and most from your herbs. The ABV comes out a bit unevenly colored if you dont stir the chamber a time or two.

On temp 1 I got great taste and vapor from the first few draws, then the flavor diminished to an ABV state. It is not a bad taste, it is on par with most conduction vapes. The Indica and the Summit are the only 2 conduction vapes I have personally found that do not need stirring and retained the taste the longest for a conduction vape.

The PAX 2 tastes and vapes almost the same, the PAX 2 is an improvement over the origional PAX, The PAX 2 is more ergonomic and user friendly than the origional PAX. Temp 2 still gave me good vapor and average taste. Before temp 3 I stir the chamber, then commence vaping. I don’t feel the need to go to temp 4 after stirring and some nice draws on temp 3. However your results may vary depending on the moisture content of your herb.

IMO the PAX 2 seems to like the herb on the dryer side.

What I like about the PAX 2 is the size/stealth of it. I also love the new flat mouthpiece and the fact they are no longer plastic. The “lip sensing” is also a nice feature. The PAX 2 couldn’t be easier to use, and can be used as a session vape despite its very small size. The PAX 2 heats up to temperature very quick at around 30 seconds to temp 1 from a full charge. I like the new charger design much better than the origional. It makes it much easier to charge-grab-go. The PAX 2 performs better than the origional PAX, with slightly better taste and a bit less draw restriction.

For all you origional PAX owners, you will love the PAX 2.

What I don’t like about the PAX 2 is it SMELLS!!! It smells while heating up, while using, and when just in your pocket. PAX should definitely give you a smell proof container standard. The PAX 2 is one of the smelliest vapes I’ve used. The oven is too large IMO. I believe with a smaller oven, you would not need to stir. Thankfully new vape took care of that with their oven “pushers”. I dont like the fact that the bottom of the oven lid is no longer stainless steel.

I think one of the things I dislike about the PAX and the PAX 2 the most is the need for a specific charging “dock”. A simple micro USB plug on the unit would be so easy and welcomed by everyone!

My final thoughts on the PAX 2 are:

It is a very small, sleek, solid unit. I feel that it performs better than the origional PAX, but not by a landslide by any means. The 2 units are fairly equal, but the PAX 2 is a bit more impressive with the new size, battery life, charging, and internal tweaks.
I do like the PAX 2 over the origional PAX because of all of the improvements made, but there is still room for improvement as there is with any vape on the market. The 10 year warranty is very nice, however I’m sure you’ll end up buying the 2 or 3 next generation of PAX before the warranty is up. I find customer service to be satisfactory. They are not at the top when it comes to customer service but they do take care of you in a reasonable amount of time.

Would I recommend the PAX 2? Yes, but be aware of the smell factor. If you leave it in your car you smell it as soon as you open the door. The Pax 2 is a bit pricey at $279, but it is a quality product. I would definitely get a smell proof pouch when purchasing the PAX 2. Overall, at this price range, there are better alternatives like Haze Dual V3 but it is a matter of choice of course.
The 1 button for all features makes the PAX 2 easy to use and to explain to beginners.
The PAX 2 works good for a conduction vaporizer, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the PAX 3. Hopefully a micro USB charger!

I would rate the PAX 2 a 4.4 out of 5 for the fact they insist you charge it “their way”, the unit is extremely smelly, and a bit pricey. Like I mentioned, there are much better alternatives in the market like Crafty (little more expensive but way better performer) or Haze V3 Portable (little cheaper and certainly a better performer and way more versatile than Pax 2). However PAX2 is a definite improvement over the origional PAX.

The rating would be higher if the PAX 2 tasted signifigantly better than the origional PAX (IMO they taste almost the same, the PAX 2 does have an edge). If there was a standanard USB charger built into the PAX 2, it could easily be a pass through device while keeping the magnetic charging cradle.

IMO these are the things PAX should be working on instead of games, music and flashing lights that not many people care too much or at even care at all about.

IMO PAX puts out just enough new stuff to keep the masses happy. They don’t seem to improve the unit unless its necessary or they need to keep up with the new vaporizers constantly coming out but they do it their way.

Although I wish I was much more impressed with the PAX 2 (I do like the smaller “beefier” design) I am very curious to see what they have in store for the next generation PAX……hopefully a convection PAX is in the works!

Please remember these are all my own personal opinions. The purpose of my review is to help you find the right vape for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my PAX 2 review.

Vape Dr.

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