Summit Portable Vaporizer Review

Summit Portable Vaporizer by Vapium Review

Summit Portable Vaporizer

Introducing the new Summit portable conduction vaporizer from Vapium. From first glance the Summit vaporizer looks nice and rugged. The Summit claims to be a weather friendly vaporizer, or at least that’s what it says on the cover of the box. The Summit is an 8 temperature vaporizer which also includes a battery meter which is always welcome. The Summit feels very ergonomic in my hand, it is a very comfortable vaporizer to hold and to use. At under $150 this seems to be a great price on a pretty durable feeling and looking unit.

Lets see what comes with the Summit vaporizer:

Summit Portable Vaporizer

1x Summit unit
1x micro USB cord
1x USB wall adapter
1x “dry” bag
3x screens
3x alcohol wipes
4x long pipe cleaners
1x brush
1x tamp/screen removal tool
1x extra mouth piece hygienic tip
1x user manual

First off, the summit says weather friendly, not waterproof or water resistant. So don’t go dropping it in your hot tub!

The Summit is a surprisingly small vaporizer with plenty of features. The 8 temperatures will surely please everyone.
The Summit uses a standard micro USB for charging which is included. There are 3 buttons. The “GO” or on button, and a temp up and down button.

There are 4 white LEDs as a battery indicator so you know where you stand.

Summit Portable Vaporizer

Both the mouthpiece and the oven lid are magnetic, and the mouthpiece comes with slip on hygienic tips. The oven screens are flat like the PAX but they are round. There is a tool provided for screen removal.

The Summit also comes with a “dry bag” in which to store your vape and belongings you want to keep dry while your doing whatever it is your doing.

To turn the Summit on push and hold the “GO” button. The button will turn blue and start heating up this is where you choose which of the 8 temperatures you would like to start vaping at.

The light of the chosen temperature will flash while the summit heats up.

Summit Portable Vaporizer

The button will turn green and the unit will vibrate to let you know it’s up to temp. The oven is quite large and can easily hold up to .25 – .3 grams. The Summit will go into stand by mode if you take the oven lid off while in use (nice feature).
When the light turns green you are ready to vape.

Summit Portable Vaporizer

The Summit has a 90 auto shut off. Just push the GO button and you can reconvene your session.

For a conduction vaporizer I find not only does the Summit have very little odor to it (when in use or in your pocket), I don’t find the need to stir the chamber halfway through vaping. I am able to successfully vape the Summit from temp 2 through 6 without the need to stir while getting uniform ABV.

Summit Portable Vaporizer

The Summit is a relatively good tasting vape. You can Pack the Summit and vape several sessions with the same chamber with surprisingly good taste and vapor! The Summit also has a nice draw to it, not to restrictive at all. I was really surprised at how well the Summit performs especially for the price of under $150! Although the unit is plastic with a rubber guard around the oven too keep it from getting too hot to hold, it feels very sturdy and it does have a “rugged” look it.

The Summit is a great vape for newbies or someone with VAS. IMO I don’t think you will be disappointed with the Summit it fits nicely into my rotation. The battery life is very impressive as well.

Sure there are plenty of ways to improve the Summit, but for $150 you do get a nice vaporizer.

What I like about the Summit is it works great with all styles of grind. You don’t have to stir mid session. The unit can be cleaned fully in about 30 seconds. There was no fuming or plastic taste to Summit, it tasted good right from the start.
I also noticed you can pack it tight or loosely and get great results. I had good results just half packing the chamber. The accessories the Summit comes with are awesome, especially the dry bag. IMO the Summit is an all around bargain. The unit is nice and small, micro USB charging, good taste, vapor, battery life and a great price!

Also because the mouthpiece is magnetic I’m sure magnetic WPAs for the Summit are right around the corner!

What I don’t like about the summit is the oven lid, it pops right off. But I have a quick fix for that. Get a 5/8ths screen and a aaa battery.







This will keep your material from coming out if you accidentally drop your summit. I use a safety pin or a key to remove the screen.

The oven lid is also like the original hazes without a stainless steel top as seen on ABV pic, I would like to see that changed. It is held on by magnets and has a small tether attaching it to the unit. I think the oven lid should slide and lock like the Indica so if you drop your Summit you don’t loose the chamber.

I also wish the unit vibrates to let you know the oven shut down after 90 seconds. I wish they had a better design for the USB cover rather than a silicone plug that will get lost the first day.

These are more wants than needs, the Summit is a solid inexpensive little vape. Plus the more improvements that are made the higher the price will go.

I would absolutely recommend the Summit vaporizer. Its a great starter vape for newbies and a great back up vape to have on hand or in rotation. I was very surprised at how well the Summit works, especially for the low price tag.

As I said there are things I would like to see added to the Summit to improve it overall, but I think keeping it at a reasonable price is key. Hopefully Vapium will find a way to incorporate some improvements to the Summit without increasing the price.

I would rate the Summit 4.3 out of 5. It is no doubt a good little vape at a great price. There is definitely room for improvement, but this vape is relatively new to the market and does work well right out of the box. Maybe they are already trying to incorporate new features for the next model.

Please remember these are my own personal opinions. My reviews are to help educate you about the vapes out there now so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Summit vaporizer review.

Vape Dr.

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