V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Review

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Review

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Review

The V2 PRO Series are 3 in 1 true conduction portable vaporizers. The V2 vaporizers are also pass-through vaporizers so you can use them while charging which is always nice. The Series 3 looks like a pen, the Series 7 looks more like a large PAX. All the V2 PRO vaporizers have replaceable cartridges that are completely seperated from the battery. V2 offers an herb, E-liquid, and soon a wax cartridge. The Series 7 has 3 preset temperatures that start very high at 390F-414F-440F. The unit also uses either 3.7-4.2-4.7 volts.

With the Series 7 you will get:

1x V2 PRO Series 7 battery
1x herb cartridge
1x E-liquid cartridge
1x magnetic USB charger
1x USB wall plug
1x brush
1x tamp/dab tool
3x extra screens
1x user manual

When I recieved my Series 7 I was quite surprised at the high temperature range. I also saw the voltage was variable so this might not be too bad…..well it kind of was. The voltage is not variable. You cannot set the voltage and temperature seperately. As the voltage increases so does the temperature.
Such as: 390F=3.7V 415F=4.2V 440F=4.7V.

V2 uses increasing voltage to increase the oven temperature. I would think an E-cig company would be able to let you have variable voltage on any set temp like a mod box.

Anyway, lets get into how it works. Three pushes of the button turns the unit on.
To cycle through temperatures, push the button quickly 2 times. You will see 3 lights light up. 1 light is low, 2 lights medium, and 3 lights are the higest temperature.

While the lights are cycling push the button when you find the temperature you want to stop at. To start heating up the herb cartridge, find your temperature of choice, then hold the button in for 3 seconds and the unit starts to heat up. This is indicated by a red ring around the bottom of the unit. The ring turns orange, then green when ready.
The Series 7 heats up rather quickly in about 24 seconds.

The Series 7 cartridges all have smart chips in them so they know if the cartridge needs to heat up (herb) or just push the button to activate (E-juice & wax). They are also each labeled at the top by a leaf or a liquid drop so you know which one is in the unit.
The Series 7 does have around a 3 minute auto shut off which like most units shuts off the oven. The unit is still on. To continue your session push and hold the button for 3 seconds and the unit will turn back on. To turn the unit off push the button 3 times quickly.

So what do I think about the Series 7….
I think the Series 7 is an exellent vaporizer, especially for being a 3 in 1 unit which I am not a big fan of. Primarily because of the temperature range. The 7 works best when the chamber is packed very tightly but it has a pretty restrictive draw to it.
There was a slight off taste at first. I did several burnoffs first but the first couple of chambers had a little funky taste. Fortunately that went away after a few chambers.

The 7 has a VERY large chamber. I bet you could fit .5 in there.

The E-liquid tank worked as well as any I suppose, I’m not into the E-juice thing. The charger is nice, its magnetic, the unit feels solid and well made, the one button design makes it very simple to use. I really like the magnetic swappable cartridges and the fact they are seperate from the unit.
The Series 7 will give you very dense clouds, even more so if you pack it very tight. The taste is above average but nothing to brag about, but definitely acceptable for sure.

What I like about the Series 7 the most is the interchangeable magnetic cartridges. The Series 7 is simple to use with having only one button. The build quality is very nice. V2 is a reputable company and has been around for awhile. The vapor is very impressive when the oven is packed tight, and the taste is above average. The ABV is also uniform and brown.
The quick connect magnetic charger is very nice. I like the simplicity of the Series 7 very much.
Being a 3 in 1 vaporizer it is nice that the cartridges swap out so you always taste what your vaping, not what you were vaping.

What I don’t like about the Series 7 are the temperatures 390F is way to hot for the lowest temperature IMHO. Although the vapor quality and taste are satisfactory, the lowest temp is just about my limit so I personally only have one useable temperature for herbs. I wish you could pick the voltage for the temperature you are using. The battery seems to last a decent amount of time, but the unit take a very long time to charge, I mean very long!

The Series 7 also has too restrictive of a draw IMO

As much as the magnetic charger is nice, I would rather have the traditional micro USB charger so I don’t need another cable. I do not like the plastic mouth tip it just feels wrong to me.

If you are a high temp vaper, you will probably like the V2 Series 7. If you like low temps like I do, you probably won’t use the Series 7 very much.

All in all, the Series 7 is a very nice conduction vaporizer that has many great features and is constructed very well.
I do wish the wax cartridge was available so I could give you all a better review but I guess we have to wait until winter for the wax cart.

Would I recommend the V2 PRO Series 7?

If you are a part time combuster or like to start at higher temperatures, IMO you will probably like the Series 7 (look at the Series 3 if a pen style vape is what your after). If your like me and like to start at around 340F-350F, I don’t feel you will like the temperature range vey much. All said and done, I would give the V2 Series 7 a rating of 3.8 out of 5. This is because I can only rate the Series 7 with the herb cartridge. If the wax cartridge was available and worked well, the rating would definitely reflect that and increase.

I feel there are other vaporizers out there that perform as good if not better than the Series 7 that are around the same price with a broader temperature range. Let’s hope the Series 9 is the answer.

Please remember these are all my own personal opinions. The purpose of my reviews are to help you to find the vaporizer that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Thanks for taking the time to read my V2 PRO Series 7 review.

Vape Dr.

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