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Vapexhale Cloud Evo Review

Vapexhale Cloud Evo Review: Is it better than the Vapexhale Cloud?

The Vapexhale Cloud EVO, EVO for short is dedicated desktop pure convection vaporizer. The EVO is a much improved version of the original Vapexhale Cloud which became an instant hit. The EVO has a slight makeover from the original Cloud and the unit itself only weighs 10.8 ounces and has been upgraded with many beneficial features.

You have the option of buying just the EVO for around $450 or you can add a hydrotube for a total of around $500-$600.
There are 8 different hydrotubes so you can find the one that work the best for you if you choose that route.
Hydrotubes are also available separately for $200-$300.

The EVO is a very versatile desktop unit. It can be used with a glass mouthpiece, hydrotube, wax/oil vapeXnail, upside down in a waterpipe or even with the whip option. The Vapexhale has become an instant favorite among desktop units.

Vapexhale Unboxing

The new Vapexhale EVO comes with the following:

  • 1x Vapexhale Cloud EVO unit
  • 1x Detachable power cord
  • 2x ELBs (easy load bowls)
  • 2x ELB lids
  • 1x glass mouthpiece (plus hydrotube if purchased)
  • 1x users manual

And the new EVO now also comes with a new full length heat sleeve.

The EVO definitely stands out among desktop vaporizers. The original Cloud was an amazing unit but the EVO has many beneficial changes to it.

The main differences between the original Cloud and the new EVO are:

  • Reduced heat up time
  • Greater temperature on both high and low ends
  • Silicone grommet to reinforce the glass air path
  • Detachable power cord
  • Half the weight of the original Cloud
  • Heat vents to reduce unit temperature
  • New air path design allows for use with concentrate attachment, the VapeXNail.

Optional whip attatchment:

Vapexhale whip which includes an 18″ length of silicon tubing as well as a 10mm, a 14mm, and an 18mm all glass adapters.

VapeXnail for concentrates:

The EVO heats up is rather quick for a desktop unit, maybe a bit quicker than most at around 3 minutes or less (depending on set temperature) and has a straight through all glass vapor path.

The unit can be used upside down with other water pipes because it is incredibly light unlike most other desktop vaporizers.

The ELBs (Easy Load Bowls) making packing the EVO very simple.

Filling the ELB one third to halfway to full is recommended for best results and for proper airflow through your material.
However you can fill the ELB as little as 1/8 full for a quick session with great results.

To turn your EVO on you flip the switch on the front. Then you set the dial to your desired temperature range, I used the 10 O’clock position for a starting point. The temerature range is from 300F-500F between 7 and 5 on the dial, however the actual temperature will vary slightly depending on the users draw speed.

NOTE: When changing temperatures from higher to lower temperatures you will notice the light on the unit will turn red. This is because the EVO is above set temperature. The EVO will turn green when actual lower set temperature is correct.

You will see the glass on the top of the unit turn red while the EVO heats up.
If you flip it upside down you can also see the light shine through the vapor path.

Once the red light turns green you have reached your set temperature.

Now you fill your ELB. Once you’ve packed your ELB and put the lid on, simply insert it into the top glass portion of the EVO then place the glass mouth piece or hydrotube on the EVO.

The Evo tastes amazing. Another place where the EVO shines is with vapor production, the Cloud could not be more of an appropriate name. Even starting out at a very low temperature at aprx 360F I was able to produce huge clouds of vapor.

If you decide to purchase the EVO a hydrotube is available if you do not already have one. Hydrotubes makes vaping much more enjoyable and cools down the vapor quite a bit.
The all glass mouthpiece is great as well, but I find you can vaporize your material at higher tempertures with water filtration with less throat irritation.

The EVO produces massive amounts of vapor, and has excellent taste. The EVO is everything most people want from a desktop unit and much more
It is definitely a unique desktop vaporizer that sets itself apart from the rest.
The EVO also does an incredible job of extracting the most from your material.
ABV is always uniform and tan.

The stock mouthpiece is all glass so if you do not choose a hydrotube you are still using an all glass vapor path (besides the ELB).

Being so light the EVO is very easy to use, but be careful with the hydrotube on. It can become a bit top heavy
(hydrotube on EVO pic) but this has never been an issue for me.

The EVO utilizes an 18.8mm female joint. This is nice, especially if you already own a waterpipe you own, or love to use.

My final thoughts on the EVO is, it is an outstanding performer. It may seem a bit pricey, but it is well worth the price tag. The quality of the unit is very impressive, and the versatility is something you just don’t get with other desktop vaporizers. The amount of material used is surprisingly little which is very nice. The taste and vapor production is among the best I’ve seen. The Volcano has been the top dog of desktops for some time. Now it has some serious competition. The Vapexhale Evo is a much more versatile unit. Not only is it user friendly, you are not stuck with only a balloon option.

Vapexhale pride themselves in customer service and satisfaction which is top notch.

  • I do love the all glass vapor path.
  • Bonus points for water filtration as well.
  • Heat up with the EVO is very convenient, the red and green lights are very nice. They make it simple to tell when the unit is ready, or still heating up.
  • I also found the top and bottom red silicon protection caps fit together to make the worlds smallest dab container which is very cool.

A few things I personally don’t like about the EVO.

  • The factory glass mouthpiece feels a bit awkward, however it does work great.
  • The Hydrotube makes the EVO feel a bit unstable if you don’t hold the unit when using it, however when not in use a hydrofoot stand is available to hold the hydrotube (which is very nice).
  • The EVO is so light you have to be careful the weight of the cord does not pull the EVO off the table.
  • All in all That’s not to bad in the complaint department.

I would absolutely recommend the EVO for a desktop vaporizer to anyone considering one.

I give the EVO 4.6 out of 5 stars with the stock mouthpiece and 4.7 out of with the hydrotube attachment. The EVO is a fantastic unit and Vapexhale has excellent customer service. The EVO out performs most desktop units I’ve tried. The EVO is very simple to use with herb or concentrates. The versatility is what sets the EVO apart from other desk top units.

Please remember these are my personal opinions. My review are to help you find the right vaporizer for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review.

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